Clinical Trials Logistics Core

What we do

The Clinical Trials Logistics (CTL) Core supports the RCCWB with respect to the development and implementation of prevention research involving clinical trials and human participants. The mission is twofold. First, The CTL Core in conjunction with the SDM Core works collaboratively with the RCCWB’s early-career investigators to design and execute high-quality research projects ultimately to inform R01 (or equivalent) grant applications which build the center’s central theme. Second, the CTL Core provides training to center scientists and others in clinical trials requirements, participant recruitment, measurement planning, and grant-proposal development.

The CTL Core, coordinating with the SDM Core, provides the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and technical expertise to support the early-stage preliminary prevention trials and related studies conducted by the RCCWB’s investigators to rigorously implement interventions within real-world settings.

The CTL Core activities are aligned with translational science frameworks endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (i.e., NIH Stage Model and the ORBIT Model) for the development of behavioral and environmental interventions. The prevention-research projects conducted by RCCWB emerging scientists are viewed as early-stage preliminary studies designed to lay the foundation for  successful well-powered clinical trials. To this end, the CTL Core works with the center scientists to design and implement research projects aimed at establishing evidence for feasibility markers as well as preliminary efficacy of a preventive intervention.

The CTL Core conducts workshops and other training experiences pertinent to the RCCWB’s mission. Announcements will be forthcoming when these offerings are open to the campus at large.